A Vision of Healing

A Vision of Healing

In yoga class this morning, I saw a vision.

I first saw a majestic tiger in a deep forest. His eyes were glowing and he was calling me to come closer. His message was “thank you” – “thank you for being a portal to help others connect to their animal spirits and further find their truth”. This brought me to tears, because I am truly so grateful for the shamanic work I do and the spirit animals who help me heal others.

Next, I saw all of these different planets swirling around the Earth. And I saw different friends and healers I know traveling from these planets towards Earth. We were all riding on this wave of blue light. We were sent together, and the way we would recognize each other was through the vibration of love. The animals, too, were sent to Earth to embody the vibration of unconditional love. And through this power of love, the healers and animals would raise the collective vibration and help heal the earth.

Next, I saw someone I loved very much. And the message was that the level of love I feel for this person is actually the level of love we’re being called to share with the whole planet… not for one, but for all. Once we experience this profound level of unconditional love for everyone around us, that is when our planet will truly heal.

I am always being called to go deeper within.

I am always being pushed to explore more profound aspects of my soul – and to face them wholeheartedly, without fear.

And in doing this work, I pray to be a portal to help others go deeper into their own self-discovery and inner knowing.

I pray to help you connect deeper to Source, so you can always be reminded of your purpose… and the remarkable impact you make on the world when you follow it.

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