Access the “End State” with Your Intuition

Access the “End State” with Your Intuition

When I worked as a coach in the corporate world, people always said, “How did you know that? That’s exactly what’s happening!”

Sure, I was I listening deeply… But what I didn’t realize is that I was also using my intuition.

We can truly understand anything (and create anything) by using our intuitive wisdom. In shamanism, there’s a belief that we can “reach forwards” into the future, and access what is called the “end state”. All we need to do is perfect our ability to tune in.

We can use this ability towards anything: work, relationships, personal growth, and more.

Many people know about the power of visualization, but it actually goes much deeper than that. We can use our intuition to reach forwards to a possible reality, and claim it as our own. This is called accessing the 5D.

These days, when I work, I spend about 20% of my time executing and 80% of my time “tuning in”.

If I need to lead an event, I don’t sit around and spend every moment trying to perfect it. Instead, I focus on the desired “end state”, and I let my subconscious mind do the rest. Sometimes, that means walking away completely… and coming back when the wave of inspiration hits me. How it’s meant to show up comes in a download: a moment of clarity and peace.

It feels so much better than stressing out or making myself anxious. Work and life is much easier when we operate this way.

We spend so much time creating worry for ourselves, but realistically, we already know so much. By tuning in, we can create exactly what we desire… and bring it into existence.

If you’re interested in building your intuition, you can start by using the resources in my shop.

You are an intuitive being and the world is your oyster.