Affirmations to Honor Your Body

Affirmations to honor your body

As I deepen my yoga practice, I’m growing much more connected to my body’s innate wisdom. I’m sharing these affirmations so you can enjoy the magic too!

In the September Manifestation Circle, we’ll be tuning into our bodies through meditation and movement. If you feel called to join, you can reserve your spot here.


Here are some affirmations you can start saying today: 

  • I honor my desire for alignment.
  • I respect my innate wisdom.
  • I ground within truth and flow within strength.
  • I align with expansion, freedom, and peace.
  • I trust in life’s miracles.
  • I am one with my body. I promise to listen.


You can also download the pictures below and save them as reminders:

I hope these help you stay in touch with your body, today and always!

With love and light,