Gabriella’s second collection of poems, Blooming, is now available! 

Blooming is a collection of poems about a woman’s journey to honor her spirituality and divine feminine essence. The book is divided into five sections: Emerging, Surfacing, Reclaiming, Awakening and Immortality. Each section is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that represent her transformation and the divine feminine within us all.   

Words About Blooming

“Gabriella has outdone herself again with her second poetry book. From her coaching, poetry, and spiritual videos, everything she puts out is very high quality. The content and imagery is truly inspiring. Highly recommend. ” 

Blooming helped me to discover a new part of myself. When reading these words, I was reminded that I am so much more than a woman. I am a soul who is always developing. I’m grateful for the hope it gave me and the reminder to live in the present.” 

Blooming took me on a transformative journey. You can see the author’s sadness and pain, but she transmutes it into spirituality and uses it for her own self-development. This book is an ideal read for a Sunday afternoon… when you have time to forget about the troubles in our current world, and slip into a more beautiful reality.” 

“I have been a huge fan of Alziari’s work and eagerly bought Blooming when it was released!”

Gabriella’s first collection of poems, Healing, is available on Amazon.

Healing is a collection of love poems about a woman’s journey to overcome pain and discover her inner power through self-love and spirituality. The book is divided into five sections: My Solitude, My Pain, My Passion, My Power and My Spirituality. Each poem is paired with magical illustrations, including gorgeous imagery of flowers and nature that bring the words to life. 

Words About Healing

“Reading and getting lost in her beautiful and expressive verse helps heal the void that came on so quickly with the pandemic. Depending on the moment, I choose to read from one of the five chapters. Gabriella writes with intimacy, transparency and a spoonful of humor. The poems evolve from beginning to end, telling the story of finding love within in order to find and see love in others. She threads references of her sensuality and nature throughout. A collection that came just at the right time to soothe and envelop us in a comfy blanket. Thank you Gabriella. You are wise beyond your years.” 

Healing is incredibly moving and empowering. We are all healing from our own type of wounds. The author’s words evoke a sense of courageousness in knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Healing takes you on a journey of the pain and power of being a woman. It is both moving and hopeful. Gabriella has a beautiful way with words and the illustrations throughout complement the writing wonderfully and bring the words to life.”