Can You Trust the Universe Too Much?

Is there such a thing as trusting the universe too much? 🌍

No. Or at least… not anymore!

From a young age, we’re taught to believe that everything is conditional. We’re told that we have to work hard in order to achieve a lot, etc. (You’ve heard it all before!)

But this narrative focuses a lot on DOING, and completely forgoes the acts of being and receiving.

Life is about so much more than constantly producing and executing. We’re meant to have fun! We’re born to feel free. Our potential for happiness is limitless.

This starts with taking little leaps of faith. Although sometimes scary, they’re worth it. And our leaps always teach us something new about ourselves.

Trusting in the universe is what allowed me to walk away from believing I need to work myself to the bone until the day I retire. It lead me to pursue my passions for spirituality and coaching, and help people from all over the world. I’ve truly never been happier.

It’s not always easy to take a leap of faith. More often than not, it means making really tough decisions and saying no to the things, people and places that aren’t serving you to your highest capacity.

But if you believe there’s something better for you, there ALWAYS is. Every time you take a leap, the universe will catch you in beautiful and unexpected ways.

So have just a little more faith.

Pursue that love interest.
Move to your dream location.
Build your business.
Create what your soul is calling you to birth into the world.

Because YOU are the universe, and your acts of faith will be met with abundance.

I’m sending you all so much light. I love you more than you know.