Embracing the Real Me

Embracing the Real Me

This is the year I looked at myself in the mirror without looking away. It felt really good.

But I was forced to look at all of my fears

  • Losing the identity of a “normal” job.
  • Feeling energetically overwhelmed.
  • Wondering if I will be in a real relationship again.
  • Looking deeply at my inner child wounds.

Throughout this process, I learned

  • To trust my gut on a whole new level
  • To invest in myself more than felt comfortable
  • To shed connections that didn’t feel right
  • To say “no” and protect my energy
  • To stop working so hard all the time, and start creating when I feel “the pull”

I leaned into the things that felt uncomfortable. It took every ounce of willpower and trust.

Dancing, breathwork, anger release, journaling… it was all new to me. Yet somehow, this only made me stronger.

I was able to give birth to dreams I had been holding internally for a long time. I published a book, hosted a remote retreat, lead my first 8-week class, launched my coaching program, hosted in-person events, and more…

But the best part was how I felt internally, because I knew this was the real me. She had been hidden away, and I hadn’t even known it.

Today, I have the greatest gift of all. I’m able to be a channel and do my part to raise the collective consciousness. I’m able to help YOU transform and achieve your dreams.

My coaching program Ignite Your Purpose starts in February 2023. In this program, we identify your purpose and create an offer to market — with the support of your Spirit Guides!

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