How to Successfully Manifest Something: 3 Easy Ways to Start

How to Successfully Manifest Something: 3 Easy Ways to Start

Manifestation is one of the most common “buzz words” used and seen in the spiritual community, but what exactly is it, and how do you do it? 

In a nutshell, manifestation is when you would like something to happen — and to bring it into your life, you act as if you already have it. The reason why this works is because our Universe runs on an energetic current. 

When we want something, we are putting energy out – there’s an energetic space between where we currently are and the thing that we want to manifest. On the flip side, when we act as if we already have our desires, we’re bringing energy in and attracting it effortlessly. 

At a subconscious level, our brain can’t easily differentiate between the things we already have and the things we want to manifest. So here are some tips to get started.

Write down EXACTLY what you’d like to manifest.

Let’s say that you’d like a new job. Reflect on exactly which location you’d like the job to be in, what kind of work you’d like to be doing, what company you’d like to work for, and your ideal work environment. Once you’ve made your final decision, write the manifestations down as if it’s already happened.

Do this daily. By writing clear and affirming statements on a regular basis, you will help make your manifestations more concrete and believable.

Manifest through visualization exercises

Another effective manifestation method is visualization. When I first started my YouTube channel, I was just doing it for fun. Once I started to gain more subscribers, I thought it’d be cool to reach 1000 subscribers.

To reach that goal, I visualized my YouTube channel (with my picture, channel name, and total subscriber count) and imagined that number reaching 1,000. I felt like I got there pretty quickly because I committed to my manifestation techniques regularly!

When you manifest, it’s important to visualize your ideal situation and be crystal clear about all the things you’re looking to bring into your current reality. Acting as if those things have already happened helps keep the momentum going. This attracts more abundance into your life.

Write down “I am” statements

When we desire something, we usually say things like “I wish I had this” or “I wish I was beautiful”. In order to manifest those things into reality, we must rewire our thoughts. One of the ways to do this is to write “I am” statements.

Writing down your manifestations  (e.g. “I am beautiful”, “I am rich”, “I am abundant”) is one of the simplest ways to start manifesting your ideal life. The Universe always reflects back to you what you already are.

Remember that the whole purpose of manifestation is retraining your brain to understand that you already have everything within you – and that you have the power to make it a reality! 

The more effort and energy you put towards your manifestation techniques on a daily or weekly basis, the faster they will come into fruition.