Iteration is Always Necessary

Iteration is Always Necessary

It takes multiple tries to get something right.

As we grow, who we are and what we do is constantly shifting. This is partly energetic and partly because we ourselves grow and change.

Today I wanted to share my back story: where I’ve been and all the twists and turns along the way.

Sit back and relax…

In 2016, my ex boyfriend and I were hanging out and thinking about Instagram. No one used it at the time, and we thought, “Huh, we should make a spirituality account!” We started curating pictures with spiritual captions as daily reminders to appreciate each day. It was our first ever Instagram and we eventually dropped off of it.

But the spark had been born. I decided to take up painting. I painted animals and wrote stories about them. I did it every night for 6 months! I even started selling my paintings as products.

Now I had some experience with products. So my ex and I started a drop-shipping company to sell handwoven bracelets. I had to learn how to use Shopify, select products, write descriptions and more. It was going well, but because of time constraints, we gave up on it a year later.

Next, we built my poetry website and Instagram – @gabriellaalziari. I ended up publishing 2 poetry books on Amazon and I have a 3rd sitting in draft on my computer. It’s the innermost part of my soul, and something I always come back to.

After that, I started a photography travel account… which is actually the same Instagram account I use today, believe it or not. I took it seriously and posted every single day.

I’ve totally lost track of how many iterations it’s taken to get to where I am now — a heart-centered business where I’m living out my truth daily.

No one is perfect. Life moves in waves. There are many failures and learning experiences before we find what truly works. It’s an enjoyable process if you allow it to be.

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