Never Outsource Your Happiness

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s to never outsource your own happiness. Happiness can’t be found in a person, place or thing. It’s something that emerges deep within you after showing up for yourself every day.

There are a few recipes to happiness: speaking your authentic truth, honoring your wants and needs, and trusting your gut — THESE are what lead to your highest alignment and greatest adventures, NOT relying on someone or something else to do that for you. If you commit to finding yourself first, happiness will follow.

There is one thing I like to remind everyone of. We can choose to be happy, just like we can choose to quit our jobs, leave a relationship or move overseas. Every moment on this earth offers us a chance to improve and commit to a new way of being. So ask yourself: what am I doing for myself today? What am I doing for myself in this moment? If you ask these questions repeatedly, happiness will emerge almost unexpectedly.

Today, I invite you to choose to be happy. Your happiness is there for you and always available… it’s just waiting for you to say YES to it.

With love and light,