Parallel Realities: What They Are and How You Can Shift Your Current Reality

Parallel Realities: What They Are and How You Can Shift Your Current Reality

In this post, I will explain the concept of a parallel reality and how you can access one through what’s called “quantum leaping”.

A parallel reality is another reality – just like your current one – but it’s better and more rewarding than your current life. 

Parallel realities are always available to us. In order to access them, we must first believe that they’re there, and we have to use our personal power to make them materialize in our 3D world. 

In this post, I will teach you how to do that. And you must do exactly what I say (without skipping any steps), or else you won’t be able to quantum leap successfully. 

How to Shift Your Reality and Manifest a New Timeline

Step 1: Choose which reality you want to shift into 

First, make a clear decision about what reality you want to shift into. For example, if you’re currently working a corporate job and want to have your own full-time business, decide that you are a successful business owner. Write your decision down, and be as explicit as possible when you do so. Any lack of clarity will harm your ability to quantum leap. 

Step 2: Believe the reality is in your grasp 

Next, you have to believe that the parallel reality is within your grasp. This part is very important! It’s natural to experience self-doubt, but this can only hurt your ability to access your desired reality. Acknowledge that doubt is bound to come up, and every time it does, tell yourself that you’re choosing not to listen to it anymore. Instead, you choose your desired reality.

To facilitate this process, try inner child work, visualizations, meditations and energy clearing. All of this will help remove your old programming, so you can replace it with new thoughts that match your desired reality.

As you’re undergoing this process, it doesn’t matter if your 3D doesn’t match the reality you want yet. That’s irrelevant. What actually matters is that you believe that your desired reality is 100% attainable to you.

Step 3: Define specific action items to access your desired reality 

Next, define specific action items to help you access your desired reality. For example, if you want to lead your own full-time business, start by creating a social media presence, defining your brand, and the market you’ll serve. 

As you do this, repeatedly tell yourself that this is your current reality! Repeat affirmations like “This is the real me,” “This is who I have been my whole life,” and “This is how everyone sees me” whenever you’re doing things to make your desired reality materialize.

This changes the “programming” in your brain, so you begin to actually see yourself as already living in your desired reality. It also creates a sense of expectation, which is beneficial. Once you start to expect that everything will happen exactly as you want it to, you will be surprised to see that it will.

Step 4: Persist! 

Soon, you will begin to see signs that you’re shifting realities. For example, you’ll get a new client, or someone will comment on how talented you are and what a good business owner you would be. 

At this time, pay attention to how strangers react to your energy. Strangers are a great “baseline” to test if you’re getting closer to your desired reality. They have no thoughts or “programming” attached to you, and no expectations of who you are. So go ahead and introduce yourself as if you’re already living in your desired reality!

The more people who believe you’re already in your desired reality, the better. This will help you quantum leap — it literally spreads the energy out, so you’re not the only one holding it.

Likewise, don’t get caught up on negative things that your friends or family members say. They know the “old you”, and they are programmed to expect the old you. But you are changing… and you are powerfully claiming a new reality. So it doesn’t matter what they say — just keep persisting in your dreams, and you’ll be surprised to see that the energy will transform more quickly.

Final tips

For best results, focus on one desired reality at a time. Otherwise, your energy field can get clogged with multiple possibilities. Remember, you want to be crystal clear and continually pursue your desire. 

I’ve seen amazing transformations happen to people first-hand, and it’s all built on belief. Your mind is a powerful programming tool, and when matched with the energy of belief, you can get anything you choose to. 

Stick with this process, and never give up… no matter how difficult it may seem. The Universe will test you to see if you really want your new reality. You must always choose it, again and again. This is the way to make it happen. 

As long as you persist, you will get exactly what you desire.