Manifest Anything! Deck


Manifest Anything! is a 34-page deck that helps you manifest whatever you desire into your reality.

You’ll get:

  • 3-Step Manifestation Framework
  • Journal Prompts
  • Information on the 3D vs. 5D
  • Ways to Clear Common Manifestation Blocks



The first few slides are prep work Рgo through the deck and focus on one specific manifestation at a time. The second half guides you through the 3-step framework itself. Use each of the journal prompts and commit to your manifestation daily. The deck contains:

  • A 3-step framework to use with journal prompts
  • Information on the 3D vs. 5D – and how to leap
  • Ways to clear common manifestation blocks
  • Reasons why YOU are 10x more powerful than you think

Use this violet flame meditation to purchase alongside this deck!