• Through working with Gabby, I've become conscious of the parts of myself I once hid. She helps me shed light on my shadows and bring in love where there was once fear. I'm shedding limiting beliefs, now understanding that I took on others' feelings as my own. I'm setting boundaries and improving my mindset daily.

    Michelle Coaching Client
  • Gabriella's messages are all meaningful and insightful. She is extremely gifted! She has the voice of an angel and her words are just as gentle and magical. Her messages carry so much love. In my own reading, she spoke of things that gave me clarification and insight into my life journey. I highly recommend her and will continue to look to her for guidance.

    Eisha Tarot Client
  • WOW! This was such an awesome experience! Gabriella has a true gift and surprised me multiple times. The accuracy of her insight on the situations and my dilemmas were so spot on. It was awesome to gain validation and clarity. Gabriella is super friendly and calm to talk to and I will definitely be going back to her!

    Zabrina Tarot Client
  • Gabriella is a phenomenal coach who helps you realize your potential and keeps you accountable throughout the entire process. It's been immensely rewarding to see myself transform - Gabriella's wisdom and expertise has helped me grow and develop skills that I know will serve me at every stage of my life.

    Alicia Coaching Client
  • Gabriella is just incredible in her insights, even answering the most weird questions you could imagine to ask. She is calm, smiling at you with such a beautiful energy, flowing and embracing you. I just have no words to express my gratitude to be helped in such an amazing way. You feel uplifted with faith in the future. Wishing her to get in return all the love she is sharing with us!

    Graziella Tarot Client
  • My session with Gabriella was brilliant. So many things resonated with me and she was so kind and thoughtful throughout the whole session. I’m very excited for what she said to come into fruition and I highly recommend a session with Gabriella.

    Claire Tarot Client
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the details of the reading. I also appreciate the honesty! It was delivered perfectly, and really resonated with me. It's just another confirmation that this mode of spirituality is legitimate. Everything you picked up on in my present circumstance, and in my projected energy, was accurate. Thank you again, I'll definitely check back in!

    Cassidy Tarot Client
  • I've done multiple sessions with Gabriella. Her accuracy and honesty amazes me. When you speak to Gabriella, you feel at home. I've made it a point to do a session with her every month. I'm so happy to have found her!

    Sophia Tarot Client
  • I found Gabby’s session very helpful to my spiritual journey. She has a true gift to share with those who engage her. Gabby’s insights and explanations helped me put context to what I was feeling. She also had great advice and ideas for exercises I could do to get even more out of what came up. I am looking forward to another session with Gabby.

    Megan Tarot Client
  • The two reiki sessions I had with Gabriella were on a different level. I could feel the release of toxic matter from my body. She even released a past life that had been depleting my energy levels. Gabriella is a first class, truly authentic practitioner and healer. My energy levels have increased, and I feel less worried since the sessions.

    Linda Reiki Client
  • The thing that amazed me about Gabriella was how accurate she was, like she got very specific details on point as if she personally knew my situation. I've never had a reading like that before, and I've done TONS of readings with all kinds of different psychics. Also, I somehow felt much clearer about my situation after listening to her talk. She has a very soothing and healing presence about her.

    Jackie Tarot Client
  • Gabriella was very clear, specific and concise. I've had readings before where the person spoke in generalities but this was not the case with Gabriella. In fact a significant synchronicity for me was a very specific animal that has been showing itself to me and she talked about in my reading. I will definitely be a repeat client.

    Elisa Tarot Client
  • Gabriella is caring, a great listener, and gets to the root of a problem. She's fantastic at identifying development areas and provides advice on becoming the best version of myself. She identifies what's needed to move forward and knows how to tap into my full potential. She keeps me going whenever I find it difficult to reach the finish line.

    Pragya Coaching Client
  • I prayed to my Spirit Guides to give me a clear message, and I truly believe that they directed me to Gabriella. The messages were honestly and sincerely delivered, with a lot of love and compassion. Was it all easy to hear - nope... but just what I needed nonetheless (and what I was intuitively already feeling as well). Gabriella's readings have an intimate touch. You can sense she really cares.

    Jyoti Tarot Client
  • Yeah this definitely hit home! I feel relived and have a lot of clarity around the situation now, this was so appreciated and your quick response is extremely helpful as well. From the first moment I heard your reading, I felt your genuine abilities and I felt connected. This was by far the best reading I’ve had and I am again so thankful!

    Addison Tarot Client
  • Gabriella has been tremendously helpful in enabling me to progress in my career. She is sharp, pragmatic and honest. Her advice is always spot on and impactful. With her guidance, I've pushed myself in ways I never thought I would have. I am excited about what coaching has done for me and can't wait to see where it will take me.

    DaYoung Coaching Client
  • Thank you, Gabriella. I feel incredibly enlightened about the things I do. You’re insightful, very in tune with me and where I wanted to go with the reading. Your reading was detailed, accurate to my situation, and ultra helpful. I’m now able to move forward with confidence and direction. I’ll definitely be consulting with you again whenever I feel the need for clarity. I'm so grateful I was led to you.

    Hazel Tarot Client
  • Gabriella provided valuable insights that helped me progress towards my goals. She offered different perspectives on my challenges, which enabled me to reflect and tailor my approach. I sincerely appreciate the impact Gabriella has had on my life.

    Harry Coaching Client