Read tarot with confidence.

Do you feel called to deepen your intuitive abilities? 

Is part of your divine mission to help others?

Would you like to build a career reading tarot? 

In this NEW 1:1 Tarot Mentorship Program, you will learn to*:

  • Develop your intuitive abilities
  • Learn the signs & symbols in the cards
  • Build a weekly tarot practice
  • Begin reading for others
  • Set strong reading boundaries
  • Attract new tarot clients
*The above sessions are included in the 6-month program. Packages with fewer sessions focus on learning the Major & Minor Arcana and building your tarot practice.

Go from confusion to clarity in your readings.

Develop your intuitive abilities

Learn how you communicate with Spirit through personalized exercises.

Learn the signs & symbols in tarot 

Understand the Major & Minor Arcana, the 4 Suites, and the essential symbolism in the deck.

Build a weekly practice

Learn how to open and close a reading, create a reading space and reflect on your progress.

Begin reading tarot for others

Achieve accuracy, clarity and specificity and develop compassionate communication.

Attract new tarot clients

Represent yourself authentically and build your marketing strategy to attract the perfect clients.


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