Want to start your day with a clear head, knowing what to expect and how to live out your true calling?

Well, now you can!

With the Tarot with Gabriella* app, you can:

  • Start your morning with me
  • Get clarity and guidance on the day ahead
  • Ground into spiritual energy
  • Learn tarot along the way!
The Tarot with Gabriella* app is designed to help you approach your day with clarity. Each day, you’ll be able to pick a card, get a video interpretation from me, and start learning tarot in a digestable way.
I designed this app so lightworkers like you can tap into Spirit’s innate wisdom and get a taste of my 1:1 coaching!

*Please note, the app is currently in beta and not yet available to the public.

Fill out the form below, and we’ll get you set up!

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