The Difference Between Pushing and Committing

Pushing vs. committing

When we’re young, we’re often taught to believe that we have to work really hard in order to succeed. The narrative is always about grinding, pushing, and reaching for the stars.

During my lifetime and in my experience coaching other women, I’ve seen that it’s actually NOT about pushing… it’s the opposite.

There’s a difference between pushing and commitment.

When we constantly push ourselves, we send energy outwards, which repels people and opportunities from us. This creates a low-vibrational and needy energy.

When we commit to something and focus on the path – NOT the destination – we pull energy inwards. We have fun, share our truth, and create with a genuine heart. This is how we share our intention with the universe to receive at a higher level. The universe will always return in kind! Opportunities, collaborations, partnerships and money start coming from the most unexpected places.

We don’t need to spend our lives in constant stress. Our society has created a toxic narrative where we’re lead to believe we have to work hard until we die.

When we come from an energy of enjoyment, creativity and passion, other people can’t help but want to join us and invest in us! Who doesn’t like a happy person? The energy is contagious.

Take a moment to ask yourself where you may be pushing instead of committing. To commit, focus on the path (not the outcome), make genuine connections, have more fun, be creative, and consciously decide to receive at a higher level.