The Dream That Convinced Me to Leave the Corporate World

The Dream That Convinced Me to Leave the Corporate World

I had a dream that convinced me to leave the corporate world.

For a long time, I felt in my heart and soul like energy work was my purpose. But I had a lot of uncertainty and fear, which was keeping me in my corporate career.

The work I was doing didn’t light me up. I stopped caring about getting promoted or getting a bonus. Deep down, I just wanted to be me.

I was so scared that if I pursued my business, the money wouldn’t come. I thought I would be a disappointment to those who suggested not to do it. They were coming from a place of care… and I internalized their fears and made them my own.

One night, I had a dream that a few female coaches I knew were swimming in a beautiful waterfall. They were at peace and fulfilled internally.

In the dream, I observed them for a long time. Eventually, I decided to go into the water with them.

Then I woke up.

I can’t describe it, but after that… I just knew. I knew there was no other option but to pursue my purpose, and that was the only thing that would make me happy. It felt like a download from the universe that gave me the courage to move on.

In the next month, I went on to attend a retreat in Hawaii, where I decided to quit my corporate career. I told everyone when I was giving my notice, because I knew that if I didn’t, I would make an excuse to choose fear and not pull through.

It felt scary right up until my last day. I felt anxious about money and being judged. I sought out coaches and guides, and lived through the fear. 

But on the day that I gave my notice, an overwhelming sense of relief washed over me.

It was the knowledge that finally… after so many years… I would be free. 

The universe rewards bravery, and that has certainly proven to be true. My first week of self-employment, I made more money in a week than I had in previous months of leading my business. I was also invited to do 4 podcast interviews that same week (completely “randomly”). And I started reading tarot at Lavande – which has been one of the most beautiful communities I could have ever asked for.

Our dreams are only out of reach if we allow them to be. I coach people on purpose because your purpose is what will save you in your darkest nights. It is a light that never truly goes out. 

I know what it feels like to stay stuck and alone. And I am here to say… from my own experience, the only way out is to go deep within and surround yourself with people who believe in you, and hold the vision for you. 

You’ll never feel fully “ready”, but you will know there’s something more. Follow that whisper… because one day it will become a resounding voice, urging you to change the world in the best way you know how.

I’m here for you. Email me at [email protected] if you feel called to work together. Just say:

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I’m sending you love and the courage to be yourself.