saying no

The Power of Saying “No”

The benefit of “no”

I never knew the power of saying “no” until recently. I always thought it was negative – something to be avoided.

But the more I lean into co-creating with the universe, the more I understand that saying no is just re-directing me to a more fulfilling and aligned life.

It’s also re-directing the other person or recipient to something that matches their energetic wavelength.


What I have said “no” to recently:

  • Money – I’ve said no to money when it doesn’t feel aligned, authentic or true to me.
  • Events – I said no when I felt too tired, or wasn’t in the right place energetically to truly enjoy the experience.
  • Succumbing to others’ emotions – I said no to others’ anger, jealousy, rage, aggression and fear, reminding myself it was theirs – not mine.
  • Clients – It took me a long time to accept that I can’t be everything to everyone. Now I only work with people who are committed to their growth, and put in the same energy I put in.
  • Changing my schedule – I used to juggle around my schedule to accommodate others’ last-minute requests. In doing so, I hurt myself and the others I had previously committed to. I had to realize that others’ dilemmas are not mine, and although I want to help, it’s better to everyone if I stay true to the sacred time that helps me re-charge.
  • Opportunities – I’ve said no to countless emails, offers, promotional opportunities and more that do not fulfill me energetically.


“No” is a way of co-creating with the universe as much as “yes” is.

Once you are willing to say “no” in this way, you see your life transform in tangible ways. As long as you are clear about your “no” and share WHY you’re saying no, most people actually begin to respect your time and energy more. It also makes your “YES’s” much more rewarding!

Before I make a decision, I make sure to check in with my mind, body and heart to ask how they feel. If my answer is “no”, I honor that.

Remember, there’s nothing negative about accepting what you deserve (nothing more and nothing less) to create a life of full abundance.

Honor your no!