Why I Left My Six-Figure Corporate Job to Pursue Spiritual Entrepreneurship (And How You Can Too!)

Why I Left My Corporate Job to Pursue Spiritual Entrepreneurship (And How You Can Too!)

My story

I had been working on myself at a deep level long before I ever considered leaving the corporate world. I grew up in a family with an executive father and a stay at home mother. My parents have always been extremely supportive of me, and from a young age, I had the desire to be a high performer and achieve a lot. Over the years, I used this mainly towards my education (getting a merit in college and Distinction at the London School of Economics), and I was always a top performer at work. I just gave it my “all” tirelessly, from one company to the next. And I was rewarded for it – I was met with bonuses, accolades, and recognition right and left.

In 2018, I made a big decision to leave my stable consulting job for a small start up of 10 people. It was a wild ride and an incredible experience in so many ways – I learned how to be agile and iterative, and how to have an “MVP” mindset. Ultimately, however, it led me to workaholism and I suffered a major burnout. I knew something wasn’t right, but I didn’t really know what to do about it. Another path was calling me, but I didn’t know what it would look like just yet. 

Gaining momentum

During COVID, I started a YouTube channel to share my tarot readings. This was a hobby and something I’d done on the side from time to time for fun. I had incorporated an LLC and started a coaching business a few months before, with little success. But once I started sharing my readings on YouTube, many people across the world started reaching out for private sessions. I was shocked and happy, and started conducting readings through my business. I have now done well over 150 1-on-1 readings, made more than 100 “pick a card videos” for Youtube, and led at least 30 group readings.

They say practice makes perfect, and that definitely rang true… but there was something else happening. I was realizing how happy I felt at a soul level when I did spiritual work. The energy felt so expansive and joyful! I felt free, and knew that was my path. I went on to share my knowledge of reiki, meditation, past life regression, qi gong, and more (all topics I’ve been reading about and studying for years). 

Soon after, I was able to transfer my corporate role to a more sustainable work schedule, and that made me really happy. The job was stable and gave me more time for my business. So I continued my path. I grinded at work from 7am-3pm every day, then switched to my spiritual and coaching business from 3-8pm. It was honestly pretty tough to get enough rest, fit in my yoga and exercise, and cook. But I was happy to work on my business, and the more energy and intention I put towards it, the more abundance flowed in.

A sad truth

One thing I learned is that a lot of people honestly will not believe in you or see any promise in your dreams. The same people I had relied on for stability in my life often said things like, “You have a lot of money to make up in order to do this full-time” and “You can’t expect your ventures to be successful”. Every time people said these things to me, I questioned myself and told myself I was silly for thinking I could ever go full-time. I would try to throw myself “all in” to my corporate job, and it worked for a while. But I realized I was feeling stressed and heavy. It just wasn’t “me” anymore. 

While balancing all of these feelings and the many responsibilities in my life, I sought support from a group of other spiritual women and coaches. These women never failed to tell me how incredibly talented I am. They raved about my ability to channel and help others through my coaching, readings, and energy work. I became inspired by them and started to really feel – from the inside out – that I could pursue my dreams and be successful. In one conversation I had with a friend, she simply stared at me and said, “The Universe is just waiting for you to do this full-time.” There was something in the way she said this that made everything suddenly seem so simple. What if the real thing standing in my way had been… me?

Shifting strategies

I had been choosing to listen to other peoples’ advice for so long, but I was seeking support and approval from people who were not spiritual and had never done the work I was doing. Every time I spoke with my spiritual friends and network, they encouraged me and told me I could do it. So I began to make shifts – both consciously and subconsciously. I began to treat the advice from my spiritual advisors, friends, and mentors as more important than the advice of those I had sought approval from before.

What transpired was more belief in myself, making more time for rest, more abundance, and more money. I began to understand how the Universe really works. I became almost militant about following my innermost desires. Every time someone told me what I wanted to do was too hard, I just worked at it with even more passion. My attitude became “Watch me succeed!” And I did – step by step, little by little.

I will never forget the moment I decided to leave my corporate job. I was sitting in a cacao ceremony with a circle of spiritual sisters, and then I saw it. I saw my truth in front of my eyes, and I somehow just knew in my heart that if I pursued my life’s work, the Universe would reward me with abundance. 

Once the decision was made, things started happening almost effortlessly. I literally walked into a store and asked if they needed a tarot reader, and they said yes because their last one left 2 weeks ago and they were getting a huge amount of demand for it. I called a reiki center in town to ask if they needed a reiki healer, and the owner responded to tell me that she had been manifesting one for a while.

I began getting downloads, visions, and dreams about joining my full-time spiritual sisters. In a few weeks, my Youtube and Instagram were growing more than they had in the past. And all this was while I was still working my corporate job! I began to pay really close attention to the signs all around me. I had always felt like a portal was opening for me energetically, and now I knew why — because I was about to go full-time into spiritual work. 

Many months ago, I had asked my spirit guides to send me green frogs if I was on the right path. The amount I started to see was incredible – it was statistically so improbable that I would see this many. From Uber rides to restaurants to t-shirts to books to stores, green frogs seemed to be jumping at me right and left. I knew I was doing something right. So I kept holding my vision and manifesting. That’s why it was quite amazing when the travel I was expected to do for my corporate work was all shifted or canceled (completely not by me). It felt significant that things were falling out of alignment for my corporate work, and into alignment for my business. 

My Biggest Takeaways

There are a couple important things I’ve learned from this experience. 

Tip 1

The #1 piece of advice I have is to use the power of choice. We often cause delays to our dreams because WE ourselves are fearful and unsure of ourselves. Once I believed (and I mean, FULLY believed, from the bottom of my heart) that I was going to quit my job and do spiritual work full-time, everything started flowing for me. There are so many times in life when we exist in uncertainty and ask others what we should do… and that just brings us further away from ourselves and our truth. Once you really, truly, deeply, RADICALLY commit, the Universe will reward you in ways you can’t even imagine. That’s why I’ve been attracting opportunities right and left. I made the decision and now the Universe is following my cues.

Tip 2

My second piece of advice is to take risks. You will feel crazy… you will! There is no way around it. Our society is not built to support entrepreneurs and coaches, and your path will seem “out of the norm” for everyone around you. You honestly just have to not care. You have to find it in yourself to say, “You know what, I respect all of these people and what they’ve done in their lives, but I am leading a different path that looks nothing like theirs.” You have to radically pursue your dreams, visualize your success, and act on it. The more quickly you’re willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you, the more reward there is to greet you on the other side.

Tip 3

My third piece of advice is to find people who hold your vision for you. You need a network of friends and supporters who believe in you and will support your destiny. I have a mastermind group, a coaching group, a wealth coach, my spiritual friends, and friends at home who admire what I do… not to mention tons of yoga teachers! Moments of self-doubt are inevitable, but in those times, you can seek support from others who see your gifts. My community has been one of the most imperative assets in my entrepreneurial journey. I honestly would not be here without them, and they led me every step of the way.

Tip 4

The last piece of advice I have is to believe. When you really begin to understand how energy works, you realize that everything is connected. Your problems in love are connected to your blocks in business. The decisions you make are connected to the stories you tell yourself and the narratives you’ve been playing again and again since childhood. 

I did deep, deep, deep inner child healing and release exercises for at least 2 years before pursuing my business full-time. I released stuck energy and tension that had been living in my body. To my surprise, this made everything easier… from telling my parents that I was leaving my job, to having tough conversations at work. It was all easier because I had learned how to harness my personal power. I put my healing and destiny front and center, and said “forget about it!” to anyone and anything that did not support me or hold my vision. Intense decisions call for intense measures, and none of this was easy. But it has been so incredibly worth it because I am happier, healthier, and more invigorated than I have ever been.

Trust your intuition. If you have a passion and a talent, you will make it work and you will be successful. But it has to start with you. It takes immense bravery and courage to do this and walk the path that is unknown to others. Do it anyway 🙂

I’m so grateful to my guides, friends, supporters, community, and everyone who has been there for me. Saying “I love you” doesn’t even come close to cutting it! I am so insanely grateful to be who I truly am, from the inside out… no more twisting myself or hiding, or pretending to be something I’m not. I am Spirituality with Gabriella, and I’m so proud, happy, and delighted to be walking this path.

If you’d like to identify your true calling and harness your personal power so you can lead the life of your dreams, please book a discovery call with me. I hope this helped you!